Double Brewed Coffee: The Ultimate Guide

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About This Guide

If you are a coffee lover, you know full well the effects of caffeine. If you are one of those folks who like to push the envelope and see how much caffeine you can take, you know what happens. I actually have a friend who drinks 6 shots of espresso on ice, four times a day. I don’t know how he ever sleeps. If you are one of these caffeine dare-devils, double-brewed coffee is probable going to be your go to drink after reading this.

In reality, double-brewed coffee is really just a catch-all term for any method of brewing coffee that makes it stronger than it ordinarily is. Besides the caffeine boost, these methods also make for a powerful flavor. Some folks just really like the taste of a strong brew.

No matter your motivation, this guide will walk you through some of the best ways to double-brew coffee. I’ll also offer the pro-tips (and warnings where appropriate).


Each method detailed below will have its own distinct benefits and will fit best with a specific type of brewing method. If your goal is to up the caffeine, one method will work better than another. If it is flavor you are after, you will want a different method. Not everyone is after the same thing which is why double-brewing comes with different methods.

One thing to note is that double-brew does not make double the caffeine. This is a myth. It is not possible for brewed coffee to extract caffeine endlessly. It will reach a maximum, so the caffeine content, though significantly higher, is not necessarily double in double-brewed coffee.

Double the Ground Coffee

If you do not use a scale to measure your coffee, the ordinary recommended amount of ground coffee is 2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water. For double-brew, you will simply increase this to 4 tablespoons.

This method works best if you begin the process with an automatic drip coffee maker. Start with the amount of water you usually use and double the amount of ground coffee. There you have it: double-brewed coffee.

This method will give you an intense taste AND it will likely give you a powerful dose of caffeine. Be advised. This stuff is intense!

Brewing Coffee with Coffee

This method takes a little more preparation. Begin by brewing an ordinary pot of coffee in your drip machine. This is your starting brew. Don’t cut corners on this step even though you are putting it through a second step.

Let the coffee cool and just use this coffee again (instead of plain water) when brewing a second time.

Using A French Press

Double-brew made with a French press will give you a rich and velvety coffee that is really strong but not pungent.

The caffeine content is not quite as high as the double ground method simply because using already-brewed coffee to extract more coffee from the beans with a French press will not pull as much out of the grounds. The pre-brewed coffee is fairly saturated and will not extract as much as water alone can.

Just heat your pre-brewed coffee to 200℉, and use this to brew in your French press as usual.

The French press is my method of choice when double-brewing using the “coffee with coffee” method. It allows you to control the water (coffee) temperature exactly, and it will also allow more control when filtering your final cup.

Using A Percolator

You can also use a percolator, but this may leave grit in your final product. The already-saturated coffee can cause excess grounds to circulate and end up in your finished product.

Another issue with using a percolator for the second brew is making sure the basket is cool before you put more grounds in it. If you brewed the first batch with the percolator, cool the coffee and the brewing basket, otherwise it will all heat up too fast resulting in a hastily made double-brew that is bitter.

Using An Automatic Drip Maker

Lastly, you can even use a standard drip machine when brewing coffee using already-brewed coffee.

However, make sure you’re aware that using this method with a drip machine can run the risk of damaging the machine. As with any brewing method, there is always the possibility of small particles of grounds ending up in the brewed coffee. If you run your drip maker using coffee instead of water, these solids can sometimes clog up your machine. They are made to run water through the machine and not designed to handle something as dense as pre-brewed coffee.

So, if you’re using already-brewed coffee to make a double-brewed batch with your automatic drip maker, make sure the first batch of coffee is as filtered and free of grounds as possible before brewing it again.

Here are a few general tips for making double-brewed coffee using a drip machine:

  • Since everyone has different tastes, try experimenting with the coffee to water ratio. Make adjustments and mark them until you find the flavor that works best.
  • If you have a drip machine that allows you to control water temperature, try adjusting it to 200℉. Hotter water tends to burn coffee and the resulting bitter flavor will become more pronounced in a double-brew.

Making Iced Coffee With Double Brew

Everyone loves a good cup of iced coffee on a hot summer day, but it can be a pretty big pain to make at home.

Another thing to keep in mind, double-brewed coffee is great for making iced coffee. Often when we make iced-coffee at home the simple addition of ice cubes makes the coffee watery and unsatisfying. Double-brewed coffee will retain a rich full flavor even after the ice starts to melt. Keep this in mind through the summer months!

So if you’re looking to make a great, strong batch of iced coffee, just throw some of that double brew into the fridge to cool it down and then load it up with ice to keep it cold as you drink it.

Wrapping Up

Double-brew is generally not for the weak of heart. The flavor is incredibly intense and the caffeine punch is a lot to handle. If you are not a seasoned coffee drinker, take this stuff in small amounts.

But double-brewed coffee has advantages, as we can see. If made properly it offers a powerful but smooth flavor, like a good strong shot of espresso. You can use it for iced coffee. And if you are really in need of an intense caffeine punch, double-brewed coffee is what you want!