If you want good coffee, you need good equipment. With online shops selling everything under the sun, it’s hard to tell what actually constitutes quality coffee brewing tools, and what’s a waste of your money. That’s why we have this review page set up – to provide you with an objective look at what’s worth your hard-earned money, and what’s not. Check back often as we’ll be adding reviews and recommendations as fast as we can!

Why You Should Trust Our Reviews

There are 3 very simple reasons why you can rest easy knowing our reviews are the real deal:

1. They’re Honest

Our reviews are not paid reviews. We’re not getting compensated by any company to praise their product.

We do, sometimes, receive review units for free or at a discounted price. We note this at the top of the review whenever that’s the case, so you as a reader are aware.

These review units do not influence our review. We’re not obligated to praise or critique any specific product, and our reviews are how we as coffee enthusiasts truly feel about a product.

2. They’re Hands On

All of our reviews are “hands on” reviews. In other words, we actually test out the products that we mention.

There are far too many sites out there that don’t actually use the products they recommend – they just compile information second and third-hand from existing reviews.

We don’t think that’s any way to get a true feel for a product, so we make sure we actually use every single product mentioned on this site.

There are a few cases where one of our writers may not have personally used the product, but we then fall back on either a different team member who has used the product, or we reach out to our extensive network of baristas and coffee aficionados to find someone who has.

You’re always getting first-hand information when you read one of our product reviews.

3. They’re Extensive

We make sure we’re actually reviewing each product, through and through.

Let’s take a coffee grinder, for example: We’ll use it for hours and hours across multiple days/weeks to get a true feel for how it performs.

We don’t just play around with a product for a few minutes and then write up a “review.”

In conclusion…

We’re here to help. We can’t do that without providing legitimate reviews, so we go the extra mile to ensure you’re getting honest, unbiased, and thorough reviews of each and every product we mention on our site.

Check out any one of our many reviews, and see for yourself!

Have a product you’d like us to review, or have additional questions about any of our current reviews? Please reach out and get in touch!