The world of coffee is limitless – there are more types of coffee and ways to brew that coffee than most people will ever see in their lifetime. We’re obviously big brewing enthusiasts here at The Full Moon Cafe, so we want to spread the knowledge around as much as we can. Thinking about brewing a new type of coffee? Need to make coffee in a pinch without your usual setup? We can help!

Our Process

You might be wondering how we come up with some of this stuff – how legitimate it is, why we’re qualified, and so on. So, to give you a look behind the curtain, here’s an outline of our process when creating our guides:

1. Research

All good guides begin with a lengthy research phase. We take our time and see what’s already out there – does a guide already exist for this particular subject? If so, we identify areas we can improve on.

When looking for good source material, we keep it as “scholarly” as possible. We don’t rely on un-cited or unsubstantiated information. When we make claims in our guides that are a bit more scientific (like ideal brewing temperatures or explanations of the science behind coffee), you can rest easy knowing they’re backed by real, peer-reviewed information.

2. Hands-On

After we wrap up our research phase, we get ready to actually do whatever it is we’re writing about. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all done the things we write about in our guides hundreds of times. But, we always make one clean run through our own guides, following along as if we were one of our awesome readers.

This way we can see where there might be sticking points, where something may need to be clarified, or where our writing doesn’t make any sense.

If the end result isn’t absolutely perfect (whether it’s grinding coffee, storing coffee, brewing espresso, or whatever else), then we know we still have some work to do before publishing the guide.

3. Feedback

The final – and on-going – phase of our guides is the feedback phase. We’re always looking for critiques from our readers and we’re quick to implement quality suggestions. Coffee at its core is a collaborative effort, so it would be silly to assume we know best when it comes to brewing tips or whatever else it is we’re writing about. So if you have any feedback on any of our guides, please get in touch!

Why You Should Trust Us

Trust can always be an issue when looking for guidance online. How do you know the writer of whatever you’re reading is qualified?

In this case especially, it can be hard. There’s no degree you can get in “coffee science,” or anything like that.

So, the obvious answer becomes: experience.

And that’s one area where we excel. Our small team has a collective 60 years of experience brewing coffee, writing about coffee, living coffee, and breathing coffee. Coffee is a passion that we all share, and that passion results in top-notch, highly-qualified writing.

Everything we write about, we’ve lived ourselves. We’ve brewed every type of coffee out there, we’ve made all of the mistakes you can make, and we’ve discovered all of the secret tips the world of coffee has to offer.

If one of us is stuck, or doesn’t know something, we have 3 others who can jump in and help. And if our core team is stumped, or needs clarification on a certain process, we have an extensive network of baristas, farmers, and brewers that we can reach out to for help.

Simply put, we know coffee. Check out our guides and you’ll quickly see for yourself that we’re more than qualified to become your one-stop-shop for just about anything in the wide world of coffee!