Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System with Built-In Frother (CF112) Review

The Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System is a one of those ‘new generation’ of machines that are affordable, yet offers a variety of brew types and sizes that you can’t get from any other machine. If you have been looking for a feature packed Espresso machine under $100, then this could be the one for you.

Stand Out Features

Cafe Forte – Cafe Forte is Ninja’s unique brewing technology that amplifies each bean’s unique, natural and subtle flavors for a more full-bodied, complex brew.

Built-in Frother – The Ninja Coffee Bar comes with a build in frother which transforms your milk into a silky microfoam. Its perfect for making specialty brews such as lattes, or for adding a decorative yet tasty touch to your morning coffee.

4 Brew Sizes – Even though this is a single serve machine, there are four different brew sizes to choose – from single serve to carafe. This makes it perfect if you have friends over or for brewing enough for a small family.

Over Ice – The Ninja is designed to brew fresh coffee directly over ice. The design makes it easy to make an iced coffee that doesn’t taste watered down.

Single Serve Coffee System For A Variety Of Brew Types

The Ninja comes with a unique builtin frother with both hot and cold frothing capabilities – something which is rarely seen on a machine in this price range. If you are a fan of making specialty coffee then you can use this to create some pretty cool layered or frozen-blended coffee-style drinks. There are a host of amazing recipes that come with the machine, so you will never been unsure on how to get the most from this feature. The machine also comes with Ninja’s XL hot and cold multi-serve tumbler which is a nice little addition.

The machine is pod-free single serve which gives you tremendous freedom when it comes to choosing your brand of coffee – being very easy to clean, you could use several different types each day if you fancy. Adjusting the amount of grounds used or the richness allows you to achieve unlimited variety and customization of your coffee drinks. Ninja has also developed a patent-pending advanced flavor extraction technology which allows you to unlock the full taste and aroma of your chosen coffee resulting in a great tasting brew with variable levels of richness. There are number of settings – Classic Brew, Rich Brew and Over Ice Brew.

Classic Brew is basically what it says – a smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee.

Rich Brew extracts more flavor from the coffee giving it a more intense taste – great when you are adding milk, creamers of flavorings.

Over Ice Brew makes the perfect iced coffee that doesn’t taste watered down – all thanks to the innovative design.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System also comes programmed with Ninja’s signature brewing styles – Cafe forte and Specialty. Cafe forte is “a full-bodied cup of Coffee that amplifies your coffee’s unique nuances down to the last sip”. You can find out more about the Cate Forte system on Ninja’s website here. Specialty is “a super-rich concentrate that can be combined with frothed milk to create bold, decadent coffeehouse-style drinks – hot or low, layered or blended”. I know this all sounds very salesy but the machine actually deliverers on its promise to make both ‘normal’ coffee and exceptional tasting layered coffee style drinks. If you know you want a Ninja machine, but don’t mind spending a little more then you can read our review of the Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer in our guide: Best At Home Espresso Machine Under $200

Before we dive into some customer reviews and frequently asked questions about the Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System it is important to note that this machine comes with a Quality Assurance 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Customer Reviews

One of the most recent reviews honestly feels like it could have been written by the manufacturer it is so good. Clearly the individual has purchased previous Ninja machines in the past, but is in awe of the design and features of the CF112. They can’t praise the ‘smart technology’ that Ninja integrated, allowing you to make the perfect coffee every time without having to guess how much water or strength. They love the Cafe Forte and Specialty feature and echo what the manufacturer states – that this machine can make everything from the prefect ‘normal’ coffee to much more complex special coffee’s. They go on to raise a great point – “This machine is a real game changer, when you want to quit paying 6 bucks for a specialty cup of coffee” – and we couldn’t agree more. If you like to grab a coffee on your way into the office then this machine will more than pay for itself in a short amount of time.

Another review states that the Ninja is a “versatile coffee machine that should please most people. What I have gotten is a consistently good cup of coffee that I didn’t have to use a prepackaged ‘coffee’ insert for.” They also state that this machine is NOT a Keurig alternative which most people become quite confused about. The Ninja is a normal coffee brewer that requires you to buy coffee grinds. A keurig mainly uses the coffee capsules – something which is quite an acquired taste.

Questions and Answers You Should Know

Question: “Can this machine make a frappe?”
Answer: Most certainly – a very tasty one!

Question: “Does the Ninja have an automatic turn off feature?”

Answer: Yes this machine will automatically turn off.

Question: “Can I make hot chocolate or tea with this machine?”

Answer: Officially no – however you can run the Ninja without the coffee filter so the water runs straight through.

Question: “Does the frother heat the milk?”

Answer: The forther does not heat the milk on this machine – however you can pre-heat the milk before using which works just as well.


Weight: 12lb

Serving Size: Cup, Travel, Half, Carafe, Full Carafe.

Permanent Filter: Yes

Size: 12.2 x 11 x 16.3 inches

Included: 5 paper filters, measuring scoop, easy frother, 180z tumbler and a 40 recipe book.


For an Espresso machine under $100 you won’t find much better. Not only is it super stylish and modern, but the features are first class. It is an Amazon best seller and it is clear to see why when you understand all the different variety of coffee you can make.