Different Espresso machine brands: The who’s who of the coffee world

As you know there are just as many names that make espresso machines as there are that produce coffee. If you are just starting out on your journey to become a true expert in the art of pulling an espresso shot or crafting the perfect cappuccino, all  the variety can seem like its just not worth the effort.

We are here to help. In this piece we will cover some of the most important brands in espresso machines and tell you a little more about each of them. This means you will know which brands will suit your needs, who you should look out for and how to recognize the fakers.

Just as you will choose a brand of beans that you know are good quality and consistently give you an excellent taste, you will want to trust your espresso machine.  There is a range of espresso machines from high end commercial to small scale basic for your home.

Some manufacturer’s do have a niche and may only make commercial machines and so on. Let’s take a look what is on offer.

Origins of the masters

When it comes to real espresso and the machines that make it possible you need to start at the source. There is a reason it was said that all roads lead to Rome and in the world of preparing a good espresso, Italy is still the center of the world.

It seems that they really can’t go wrong with the essentials of life: good coffee, wine and pasta.

The most well known brands are still made in Italy and exported all over the world. They are quite a mouthful. Some of these are Ariete, Astoria, Bezzera, BOSCO, Brasilia and Brugnetti.

There are also names like CMA, Dalla Corte, ECM, Elektra, Epoca, Faema, Fiorenzato and the futuristic sounding Futurema.

You will also find brands like Gaggia, GIME, Grimac, Isomac and La Pavoni in the United States but they are still true Italians. La Scala, Myway, Nuova Simonelli, Orchestrale, Promac and last but not least Espressa round of the best of the list.

This is quite a large range of names, but we will give you some information on some of our favorites.

For example, Elektra produces some of the best high end commercial machines, with stunning designs in copper with fine details. (They also have a price tag that proves their Italian origins).

La Pavoni is also a well known high-end brand that produces beautifully designed machines for home use or for your business. Gaggia also has a range of home machines to suit most budgets, but they still look great.

Home of the brave (coffee makers)

The United States of course also love their coffee, seemingly more than tea if history is anything to go on. With a rich Italian culture of their own coffee is made with flair under the star spangled banner.

Here we also have a few good espresso machine manufacturers that know what they are doing. These guys will also give you a good strong machine for commercial or daily use at home.

Some of the State brands are Acorto, Astra, Boyds, Bravo, Brutti Fullin Costruzioni (BFC slr) and Bunn. A few others include Cima, Laranzato, Moschetti, Mr Espresso, Pasquini, Slayer and Custom.

There are a vast array of excellent US machines available, and if you need something to use in a business that will rival a certain Seattle Coffee brand, buying local is an excellent choice.

As with any product, your needs will determine what you buy. But these companies have excellent products to offer.

A few other places that love coffee

Of course, Italy and the United States are not the sole owners of good espresso machine manufacturing. Many other coffee loving countries have gotten into making their own machines as well.

Monaco, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands are strong contenders and of course China is always quick to get into an emerging market.

Some of the best brands from these areas include, Azkoyen and CREM from Spain or Conti and Essika from Monaco, but they are not as well-known. Portugal has brands called Delta Cafés, Fiamma, and Jobravo.

The Netherlands have Espressionistic works and Laurentis that are good quality and widely available. The Swiss are also not be outdone with Franke and of course the very well known Nespresso.

Nespresso is probably the best known among these brands because they focus on affordable machines for home use. If you are looking for something to improve your coffee at home without too much fuss, these guys are a good choice.

Hopefully this article gave you a better idea on all the espresso machine brands that are available. There really is something to suit every single need and taste.